Thursday, February 27, 2014

Plan to Meet with Olelo

Original Email from Olelo,

Our non-profit organization has a 3-year old website  We have a page that provides forms to clients to fill out should they need our services.  We have some on-line forms that can be filled out electronically but they are antiquated, clumsy and, well, frustrating to use. 
We also wanted to develop a volunteer website/page that allows our volunteer producers to find out about production crew opportunities, submit volunteer hours, reserve equipment, or comment/post images of their recent productions. We recently lost our webmaster and this has been an on-going issue for years, we can’t seem to put focus on it, yet it’s a critical webpage with forms that are an integral part of our servicing processes and we just can’t seem to get to fixing them since we don’t have the in-house expertise.  We’d love to make them user friendly, attractive, or get rid of pdf forms all together and find a more innovative way to capture information on-line. 
If any of this interests your students or you need more information, please give me a call.
Mahalo nui for your inquiry.  I hope we hear from you.
Angela Angel
The plan for an interview with Angela is to ask her if she's available to work on a project on the fill able forms.  I would have to look at their forms online and come up with ideas that may work for them.
In addition before I meet her, I must have some questions such as,
-What is the current procedure for forms (PDF) what happens to forms after they are filled out? (manual data entry, etc.)

-What do they currently use to manage the PDF forms?

-Who is their technology expert and if it's possible to work with him

-Who now manages their website?

-What is the traffic like for submitted forms, daily? monthly?

I could suggest Wordpress or Google forms.  I would think that the page would need a new look, perhaps?

After the interview, I would tell them that I am interested to work on this project and could help them out greatly since they are short handed.  If they agree, I would give them my contact information and tell them that I am looking forward to working with them on this project.

I would also email Angela after the meeting to thank her for her time to meet with me.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Olelo Letter Draft

Dear Olelo,

My name is Revelyn Cabaya.  I am a student at Hawaii Pacific University and taking a course called Software As A Service (Saas).

I am emailing to you to see if you would consider a proposal from me to do your website fill-able forms of which your organization can benefit from.  I am confident that this project is do able and it would help me solidify what I learned in school.  It would be my pleasure to help a non-profit organization that helps our community.  If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact me by email, or call me at (808)341-5211.



Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stakeholders v2

Possible Stakeholders

For Danger Alert App 



School Administrators

School Security

School IT Program Manager


For Organization App

Marketing Staff

Office Employees

Owners of Business

For Olelo Fill-Able Forms 

Olelo Administration Staff

Olelo Board of Directors

Olelo Volunteers

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Danger Alert

Student in Danger continuation.

Potential clients are definitely schools statewide, nationwide, and worldwide.  Many businesses such as banks, jewelry stores or even government could want this app.  In these times, we can never be sure what's happening all around us and what better way is to receive messages immediately from the source.  This too can help police officers and government employees.  This could be use like a 911 substitute call except via text message.

I found out that there is a vendor called Rave Mobile Safety and we have it at Hpu.  Have you signed up yet?  Everyone that goes to HPU should sign up here.  You would need put your student information and phone number. Students will receive text messages of alerts.  

Hmm...I guess that's all for now.  

Organization is Key

My Last post about organization.  Very important, yes indeed.  Who would want to work in this environment:  when you can live in 
There are so many businesses out there that have so many inventories that they can't keep track, therefore buying the same inventories over and over, wasting precious money.  For stakeholders, the company I work for would definitely a good candidate.  Other companies with a Marketing department.  

Another idea on the app is that when it runs low for a certain item, it will email the person in charge to order and all they would need to do is confirm the order.

Shoe stores or clothing store would be another potential stakeholder.  They could display tablets in the store and customers would be able to search for themselves if an item is available or out of stock.  Instead of waiting for service, especially if it's busy.

Stakeholder for Fill-Able Form

Previously, I talked about fill able forms which are use for companies that needs clients or customers to fill paper work online.  This saves time and money of course.  Potential clients that I have come up with are credit unions, banks, non-profit organizations, schools, and even events.   I have check on how google form works and it can definitely work wonder for this type of thing.  It's simple and it's free.  It's available as we speak, very nice.  I would definitely suggest it to Olelo since they were looking for something simple that they can do themselves.

This way of sending forms saves lots of trees and especially inks!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Olelo Forms Fillable

My group for Software Project Management is considering a proposal from Olelo to help with a 3 year old website that has a page for clients to fill a form.  The problem is that clients are able to view the form but are not able to send them back via email because the form does not allow their clients to fill it online.  It's problematic for users and potential volunteers who would like to work but are stopped.  For reasons, such as printing the document, mailing the form, faxing the form, and so on.  By coming with a form that is fill-able for their clients we can solve their problem.


+ User friendly
+ Easy to edit and manage forms
+ Create new forms as necessary
+ Presentable


+ More clients
+ More volunteers
+ Less hassle
+ Cost effective

Get Organized

I work in the marketing department and we have abundance amount of products and supplies for, of course, marketing.  The problem is that we don't know how much is in the inventory is left because they are placed where there are space.  We have a storage room that consists of shelves that rolls, which I think I could use at home as a storage for my clothes.  Anyway, what could be amazing is a digitized app for iPad or kindle that has the inventory of all the items in those shelves.  We would have to update them frequently when we take items out.  This would also help our Accounting department since they ask us for monetary item inventory.  


+ Add and Search for items easily
+ Custom made design for easy recognition
+  Sends alerts when items are low

+ Efficient Item ordering
+ Manageable
+ Everyone happy

Students in Danger

A recent shooting at a High School in Honolulu got me thinking about the parents of those students attending that school.  What if the Administration of the school could send out a massive text to the parents of the students to tell them what is happening as it happens.  Not that I am a parent, but I would want my parents to know what is happening at my school and maybe they could do something about it.  How about an app for phones?  The school would need to have current cell phone numbers of student's parents.

System Capabilities:
+ App for mobile for administration staff of schools 
+ User friendly and easy navigation
+ Add features as they need for grouping parents


+ Alerts parents and others
+ Gives reassurance to parents
+ Cost less

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Experience with Ruby

Sorry for the late post.  I have not blog in a very long time.  I also just figured out how to work this blogger and still am, but hopefully I'll get the hang of it.

I will talk about Ruby and my experience with it.  "At first, I was afraid, I was petrified" just like the song from Gloria Gaynor, "I will survive".  I have always heard of Ruby in my computer science classes from my professors.  They would say it is easier than Java which I thought, why didn't we start with that.  I had a hard time learning Java as I thought it was too fast for someone like me who has no experience to learn it.  I am hoping that Ruby will help me get better at coding.

Going through the exercises with Code Academy made me feel confident because I could move on understanding what I had just done and how it works.  This experience was a relief.  I don't feel as stressed as I was when I was learning Java.  With this program I am able to go slow or fast as I please which gives me control to go back if I do forget how to write a certain code.

Learning Ruby through the Code Academy seems better and even possible for me to actually understand a programming language.  I found that there is an app on the Apple Store, this is the link, it should look like this:

This app has many exercises and a good addition to learning Ruby.