Thursday, February 27, 2014

Plan to Meet with Olelo

Original Email from Olelo,

Our non-profit organization has a 3-year old website  We have a page that provides forms to clients to fill out should they need our services.  We have some on-line forms that can be filled out electronically but they are antiquated, clumsy and, well, frustrating to use. 
We also wanted to develop a volunteer website/page that allows our volunteer producers to find out about production crew opportunities, submit volunteer hours, reserve equipment, or comment/post images of their recent productions. We recently lost our webmaster and this has been an on-going issue for years, we can’t seem to put focus on it, yet it’s a critical webpage with forms that are an integral part of our servicing processes and we just can’t seem to get to fixing them since we don’t have the in-house expertise.  We’d love to make them user friendly, attractive, or get rid of pdf forms all together and find a more innovative way to capture information on-line. 
If any of this interests your students or you need more information, please give me a call.
Mahalo nui for your inquiry.  I hope we hear from you.
Angela Angel
The plan for an interview with Angela is to ask her if she's available to work on a project on the fill able forms.  I would have to look at their forms online and come up with ideas that may work for them.
In addition before I meet her, I must have some questions such as,
-What is the current procedure for forms (PDF) what happens to forms after they are filled out? (manual data entry, etc.)

-What do they currently use to manage the PDF forms?

-Who is their technology expert and if it's possible to work with him

-Who now manages their website?

-What is the traffic like for submitted forms, daily? monthly?

I could suggest Wordpress or Google forms.  I would think that the page would need a new look, perhaps?

After the interview, I would tell them that I am interested to work on this project and could help them out greatly since they are short handed.  If they agree, I would give them my contact information and tell them that I am looking forward to working with them on this project.

I would also email Angela after the meeting to thank her for her time to meet with me.

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