Thursday, February 13, 2014

Stakeholder for Fill-Able Form

Previously, I talked about fill able forms which are use for companies that needs clients or customers to fill paper work online.  This saves time and money of course.  Potential clients that I have come up with are credit unions, banks, non-profit organizations, schools, and even events.   I have check on how google form works and it can definitely work wonder for this type of thing.  It's simple and it's free.  It's available as we speak, very nice.  I would definitely suggest it to Olelo since they were looking for something simple that they can do themselves.

This way of sending forms saves lots of trees and especially inks!

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  1. Great listing of potential clients, but we were looking for a list of stakeholders rather than a list of potential clients which is a different thing entirely. The idea is that you list up groups of people involved in Olelo who might have input on the system you would build, such as the Olelo administrative staff, their customers, their trustees etc.