Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Students in Danger

A recent shooting at a High School in Honolulu got me thinking about the parents of those students attending that school.  What if the Administration of the school could send out a massive text to the parents of the students to tell them what is happening as it happens.  Not that I am a parent, but I would want my parents to know what is happening at my school and maybe they could do something about it.  How about an app for phones?  The school would need to have current cell phone numbers of student's parents.

System Capabilities:
+ App for mobile for administration staff of schools 
+ User friendly and easy navigation
+ Add features as they need for grouping parents


+ Alerts parents and others
+ Gives reassurance to parents
+ Cost less


  1. sounds like a good idea - we have something like that at my son's school here in the UK

  2. Revlyn, one of my proposals this semester is for a school-type project. I think this is something that could similarly be integrated. Take a look and let me know if you want to maybe think about working together!