Monday, March 10, 2014

Activity Diagram


Angela will be the main contact for features of Website
Collin is the IT contact for website


Stake Holders would like to drag and drop Data into their database when Forms are submitted

Use Gravity Forms in Wordpress

Able to Shorten words on Forms to make it easy to read

Create a new look for Web Form Page

Open to new ideas

Friday, March 7, 2014

Meeting with Olelo

The meeting went very well with Olelo. Angela  introduced us to a lady
named Susan and . We met their IT, Collin (we will work
closely with him) and Chris (head of IT).  Angela will email me all
the updated forms and login info for Wordpress soon.

-What they are using:

Share point


Ecwid- For class sign up

-Ideas of what we can do for them:

Make forms fillable on their website

Use Wordpress plug ins

Find a way to submit data through database directly

Design new interface for their Form Page

Security- SSL

What they want:

User Friendly forms- easy to read, fonts bigger, up to date, new and fresh

Rewards program for volunteers

Have a confirmation request submit button